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Offer: Medical Spa Pedicure for New Clients

Limited Time Offer! Enjoy our 1-hour Medical Spa Pedicure for just $125+. Relax in a wonderful leather reclining chair with a massager. Services include clipping, buffing, and filing nails; cuticle care; and callus removal. Nordic Care foot cream is applied, and polish or a massage is offered if time allows.

Ionic Body Balancer

When you place your feet into the foot spa wafer, c gentle negative current will draw toxins ond inflammation from joints or injury from your body. Very little of this material will exit through your feet; most (about 90%), will be drown into your Lymph System, and will exit the body through its natural excretory pathways.

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Experience a full range of high-end, top-quality services using the best natural products.

Ala Carte Menu

Ala Carte Menu

IONIC DETOX......Pamper your feet with Warm Detoxing Foot Bath designed to detox your entire body. Including all of your organs like your kidney, liver, and lungs. Getting rid of all toxins in the body from the environment like the air we breathe every day. Releasing all heavy metal from your body. Jump starting and getting your lymphatic system moving. Helping with candida, Brain fog. And much much more with the body.

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Medical Spa Pedicures

Medical Spa Pedicures

Indulge in a luxurious and rejuvenating Medical Spa Pedicure experience, leaving your feet feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and pampered. In an Oversized, Soft Leather Recliner. All Natural and/or Organic products used. Extreme Detail to the toes and calluses. Warm heated grapeseed oil treatment applied with a heated booty. All done to relaxing Music, TV showing underwater, rainforest, animals, and beautiful landscape scenery. ● Feel free to treat yourself to the wonderful dark chocolate Keto sweets. ( made with monk fruit) That are placed in a bowl right next to your chair. Who doesn't like chocolate!!! now you can eat it and not feel guilty. ● Relax with a variety of coffee's, tea, and hot chocolate. Fresh squeezed lemon water. ALL ORGANIC, DIFFERENT FLAVERS, FROM SMALL BUSSINESSES, AND EARTH FRIENDLY..... ● In a private 1 on .

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On Special requests, I am available by appointments even on closed days.

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Discover the positive feedbacks from my valued clients

Had my first medical pedi today and I’m very happy with the results! She helped me with a few concerns and was very informative on foot care and had great recommendations on some products. Her education on foot and nail care is what was most important to me. She genuinely cares for her clients and their foot and nail health which shows in her work. I’m looking forward to my next visit! Thank you Kim!

person Shaniece Williams

Shaniece Williams

Sat, 22 Jun, 2024

Medical pedicure! Amazing. I should not have waited so long to do this. Kim takes good care of feet - and mine needed extra care with some health concerns. She asked good questions to make sure my feet are restored!

person Lisa Corprew

Lisa Corprew

Fri, 17 May, 2024

Kim was awesome working with my feet and gave me lots of tips on how to take care of them being a young diabetic definitely will be back!

person Maria Quintero

Maria Quintero

Mon, 13 May, 2024

Amazing work by Kim! I been coming to see her for a couple months now and she extremely professional!

person Beba Nieves

Beba Nieves

Sat, 27 Apr, 2024

Great natural products, Kim is knowledgeable and so very caring!

person Becca Mecham

Becca Mecham

Thu, 25 Apr, 2024

I have a 250 mile foot trail race coming up & needed my feet/toe nails tended to by a true professional. I have come to Kim twice & definitely very pleased. I highly recommend.

person Courtney Sher

Courtney Sher

Sat, 20 Apr, 2024
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I take Zelle all credit cards, debit cards, cash. I'm gonna be signing up for venmo soon.

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Please Call for an appointment or if you have any Questions-Looking forward to hearing from you. I take Zelle all credit cards, debit cards, cash. And I'm gonna be signing up for venmo.

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