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During Your Session

You will be seated with your feet in warm water for 30minutes. Prayer. meditation, soft music, a book, movie. or o favorite TV show ore good companions during sessions. • Our system is safe for doily use, however we recommend 2-3 days between sessions. • You will see o significant change in the color of your foot spa wafer within O minutes. There is a small number of individuals who do not feel any difference for 2-3 sessions. • Treatments con be done at home or in a clinical/office setting.

Reduce Pain and Suffering Caused By:

  1. COVID. 79 and Variants
  2. Gou';
  3. Fibromyalgia
  4. Arthritis
  5. Edema
  6. Chronic Illness
  7. Migraines
  8. Seasonal Allergies
  9. Lyme Disease
  10. Neuropathy
  11. Parasitic Infections
  12. Lupus ISLE)
  13. Sports Injuries

How It Works

When you place your feet into the foot spa water, a gentle negative current will draw toxins ond inflammation from joints or injury from your body. Very little of this material will exit through your feet; most (about 90%), will be drawn into your Lymph System, and will exit the body through its natural excretory pathways.

During a detox session, the array creates (-) charged current (negative ions) in the foot basin which pulled into the body by our energy meridians at the reflexology points on the soles of the feet. That energy is then distributed through the body by Energy Meridians, which are the body's power lines. This current breaks the positive electrical bond that toxins and free radical use to attach themselves to tissues. The positively (+) charged toxins are then flushed away by your Lymph System.

The Ionic Balancer water energy system is a Detox Foot Bath ond Body Energy Balancer using Bio-Electric Field Enhancement (BEFE) technology. You'll feel the energy of a natural hot spring, ond experience a deep sense of relaxation with a rush of energy as your body's cells are re-charged.

Weight Training For Your Immune System

Your Ionic Body Balancer session combines water. sea salt with DC current producing oxygen and hydrogen which results in the creation of negatively charged Ions, ONLY negative polarity ions eon be produced due to Lows of Physics. This is true for ALL Ionic Detox Machines.

Some manufacturers claim that that their machines produce Positively Charged Ions is not correct. Once again, the Laws of Physics.

The Negatively charged Ions cause toxins to release from the tissues through the Lymphatic System. Only ANALOG wave energy (BEFE) can travel to the organs. The released toxins are then carried away by the Lymphatic and Endocrine Systems during the 24-48 hours following the session.

When your body cannot release and drain these toxins, your immune system will be weakened to the point you become more susceptible to illnesses including Cancer.

Cavets, Cautions, Common Sense

  1. Who should NOT use the Ionic Body Balancer?
  2. Anyone with an electronic implant, such as a pacemaker or defib unit should consult their doctor.
  3. Transplant recipients.
  4. Anyone who is or thinks they might be pregnant.
  5. The Ionic Body Balancer is not recommended for use on children under the age of 12 without supervision, and/or children or adults who weigh less than 100 lbs.
  6. Anyone with an open wound on their feet/ankles

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